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About GOplastic

GOplastic is the supplier of Govaplast® - the gold standard for recycled plastic in the UK. Manufacturing began in 1995 and has continued with technological advances in production and innovation in design. Today over 315 million plastic bottles per year are used, producing 14,400 km of profiles.

GOplastic specialises in high quality and design led products with a large and unique product range. This enables our customers to incorporate style into their projects while also gaining the sustainable, environmentally-friendly advantage. GPplastic supplies a great diversity of profile sizes and these are available in seven different, UV stabilised, standard colours.

The Street Furniture Range contains designs and colours not available anywhere else in Europe, and includes the European Ovam Eco Design Award winning Canvas Bench.

In addition, Goplastic provides a certified Construction CPD seminar "The Economic Value of Recycled Products" aimed at architects and construction professionals (CPD Certificate number 1090S1).

GOplastic are proud to include amongst our customers: