Recycled Plastic Street Furniture from GoPlastic Ltd
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Goplastic specialises in the supply and distribution of Govaplast® recycled plastic street furniture and profiles. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and have established a positive working relationship in both the private and public sectors.

Advantages of Govaplast® for your project:

Our recycled plastic street furniture is made from 100% recycled plastic (Polypropylene & Polyethylene), manufactured by Govaerts Recycling N.V. who have been leading the field in recycled plastic products for over 40 years.

Goplastic recognises the importance of recycling and sustainability in todays' market place. The Govaplast® recycled plastic product range reflects our business ethos and offers the specifier a low maintenance, long lasting alternative to conventional furniture and materials within the best value framework.

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The economic value of recycled products

Goplastic's quality recycled plastic products will significantly reduce your maintenance costs and gain the sustainable, environmentally-friendly advantage.

Whole Life Costings and Benefits of Recyled Plastic Products.

Save money
Many factors influence the decision to specify a particular product including performance, reliability and the purchase price. In addition the life costs of maintenance, installation and replacement will contribute towards a product's 'value for money' rating. Recycled plastic products score highly in all of these categories. They are also widely available and price competitive. When you consider the 'whole life costs' of products made from recycled plastic, the benefits become obvious. Case studies show that over the long-term, due to their durability and longevity, recycled plastic products are a smart, cost-effective investment. For example, plastic fencing does not require treating or painting, hence saving on project costs in the building stage. In addition, recycled plastic products do not rot and require minimal maintenance.

Improve performance
Recycled plastic produces strong and versatile products suitable for a wide range of construction applications. One of the main advantages of plastic is its high strength to weight ratio. Recycled plastic profiles are generally lighter than more traditional materials such as concrete, and so can help alleviate manual handling issues and ease compliance with Health and Safety regulations. A good example of this is recycled plastic kerbstones. These products are available in a full range of kerb components, all of which are lightweight, which means that the parts can be placed manually rather than requiring mechanical handling. At the same time these products retain the necessary impact, strength and corrosion resistance to meet the required BSEN1433 standard.

Win new work
Increasingly, organisations are finding that having a reputation for good practice in sustainable procurement improves their chances of winning new work. This is particularly relevant for public sector contracts, or when in pursuit of local authority planning permission, where evidence of a track record of sustainable policies is becoming a key requirement for any successful bid. In addition, professional bodies are lending their support and recognition to recycled products, with many viewing the use of recycled products as key in delivering a sustainable construction project.

Protect the environment
Recycled plastic products offer sustainability benefits and they often require minimal upkeep and repair. What's more, recycled plastic products can be fully recycled again at the end of their lifespan. Recycled plastic materials are totally inert and will not leach chemicals into water or soil, even in wet environments. The purchase of recycled plastic products stimulates demand for materials which are collected for recycling, diverting material from landfill.

Article reproduced by permission of WRAP
(The Waste and Resources Action Programme)
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