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Agora Bench

This bench is part of the Agora collection, which includes matching planters and litter bins. Great for both indoor and outdoor environments. Made from our 4cm x 12cm Govaplast® boards mounted at 13mm intervals on a central interior frame, which in turn is connected with solid galvanised metal corner pieces. The bottom comprises one solid 10mm recycled plastic sheet supported underneath by an additional metal crossbar. This simple but effective design makes for great strength as well as good looks. The Agora can be permanently mounted by four M10 x 120 bolts.


Width: 45cm

Length: 180cm

Height: 52cm

Weight: 140kg

Available Colours

Mineral Grey

Quartz Brown

Sand Beige

Ural Black

Andes Green



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Completely Recycable

Sunlight (UV) resistant


Non slip material

Non absorbing

Maintenance free



Easy scratch removal

Impact resistant

Graffiti resistant

100% recycled waste


Natural texture

Multiple colours

Systematically tested

Easy to work

Consistently engineered