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Level X Bench

The Level X is specifically designed as a leaning or brief resting point where a traditional bench is less appropriate or where a narrower unit is desirable. It is ideally suited to locations such as bus stops, skate parks or playgrounds. Level X is simply but robustly built. Two horizontal 12cm round posts make the seat and back, whilst two sets of 10 x 10cm square section tripods form the legs. This bench should be fixed by digging the legs into stabilised sand or concrete to a depth of 64cm


Width: 79cm

Length: 180cm

Height: 61cm

Weight: 78kg

Available Colours

Mineral Grey

Quartz Brown

Sand Beige

Ural Black



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Completely Recycable

Sunlight (UV) resistant


Non slip material

Non absorbing

Maintenance free



Easy scratch removal

Impact resistant

Graffiti resistant

100% recycled waste


Natural texture

Multiple colours

Systematically tested

Easy to work

Consistently engineered